Jupiter Vontesse (Anakin)

Jupiter Vontesse (Anakin)
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Tour Guide (Machalilla Park)
I also make Desserts such as: Apple crumble, banana bread, brownie tiramisu, also I could make some food for reception like a wedding menu, or a cool friends meal. Birthday breakfast with salty and sweet option, gluten free, and vegan .
I Rent a Room at my house in valles de olon but if I can rent my entire house it could also work .
I do Babysitting.
I take care of Dogs and train then, am part of K9 Search & Rescue Team in Ecuador.
I studied Interior Design & Decoration and also I went to Chef School..o I got lots experience in any of this jobs
Reconnection Therapy to help people with traumas like war veterans, widows, abandoned people, cancer survivors

I  work a lot with people, I am good in what I do.

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0993 149 925
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